I’m Joshua Fuhrmann, and I’m an economic and litigation consultant with a particular interest in bringing analytic insight to firms and in the business of technology.

Previously, I was a technical program manager and software engineer with experience in distributed systems, messaging and serialization, workflow coordi nation, SQL, and Java in both small teams and large organizations.

My last projects involved a lot of data analysis and coordinating development efforts across multiple departments while providing advice to product managers on technical feasibility, project scope, and business direction. I was particularly interested in the intersection of geo-aware web applications, e-commerce, and data analysis on large consumer websites.

In school, I did work on market-clearing and fee-setting algorithms for specialists in continuous double auctions and on education policy, and I still enjoy econometrics and all the big data, machine learning-related buzzwords that entails.

Outside of work, I’m fond of sailing, folk music, and history museums.

I can be reached at josh@justjoshing.net or by LinkedIn.

I’m also listed at Keybase, and, for the paranoid, my public key is here.